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Our service is astonishingly thin and light. v2 - Developer Edition

Our service is astonishingly thin and light.

tDCS hyper-charges your brain cells to overclock your brain. Spot threats, react faster and hit your mark.
take charge of your video gaming with the all new and improved v2 & gamer.

Internal re-chargable battery

Included dock also functions as a bluetooth adapter is powered by a re-chargable li-po 3.7v battery. Slot the v2 in the dock to recharge in under an hour. Install the app for OSX and Windows.

Powered by a 32 bit ARM microprocessor

The worlds most advanced neurostimulator is controlled by a 32bit ARM processor - like a modern mobile phone. Impedance is sampled 2,000 times per second with the voltage adjusted to maintain the target current. This is no simple current regulator. This is the most advanced stimulator.


transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) produces a (bi)polar sine wave current



transcranial Pulsed Current Stimulation (tPCS) generates a square wave with duty cycle



transcranial Random Noise Stimulation (tRNS) can generate a random signal within a range



transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) is a steady constant current flow.


Included with the v2

Special developer edition price $199
Normal price $299

Professional grade neuro stimulator
Charging bluetooth dock
Micro-USB cable
Instruction booklet

Reviews of

independent reviews

"there's something about picking this up that makes it feel like it's from the future"


"If you are serious about tDCS for yourself or someone you know the V2 deserves your consideration."

Brent WIlliams -

take charge with apps

Windows, OS X, and Android so far...

You can control your v2 from your computer or android device. iOS coming soon.

Using the tap app you can tweak every setting. For example you can set specific frequencies to frequency to target higher order functions.

Coming soon...
Connect and share with others like you
Using you can find experts who can help tailor the perfect program for your neuro-modulation needs. Track your progress, monitor your improvements. take charge GAMER

All new gamer headset

overclock your brain
increase neuroplasticity and get your game faster

*Note: Gamer headset requires connection to a v2 gamer headset

Learn faster

Target the frontal cortex with the v2 gamer. Increase your neuroplasticity and learn faster*

*Gaming use only.

Included with the gamer

$99 gamer headset

Anode and Cathode electrodes
titanium band
eva case
saline bottle EDGE

Increase your endurance

Professional cyclists were shown to increase their endurance by 4% with tDCS targeted on the temporal lobe

*Note: EDGE requires a v2 to function

About the EDGE headset

Brainless model of human exercise? No more.

Brain stimulation of the temporal cortex has shown that the brain plays a crucial role in exercise performance regulation. Hypercharge your motivation.

Hypermotivate - get an edge

Included in the box

$99 for all this

Edge headset
Edge armset
titanium band
saline bottle
eva sports case for research

Open standards, API and requests accepted v2 has all of the features found in your commercial research kit. You can run larger studies with more participants at lower cost. This includes double blind sham mode. Logging of all sessions at 50ms intervals. Set maximum current, maximum voltage, ramp up time and everyhing else.

If you have a custom request - triangle waves, custom patterns - we will code it if we can.

Sham mode

Sham and double blind for all modes. Set sham period and watch fake graph on display.

Realtime Clock v2 includes a realtime clock which can be access via api for timed start and stop

3 axis accelerometer

Detect movement, orientation and even count steps with the hardware X/Y/Z accelerometer available via API

Session logging

All sessions can be logged at 50ms intervals so you know the exact current and total charge administered.

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