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take charge™ is a consumer transcranial stimulator. It is designed to produce a very small electrical current suitable for stimulating parts of the brain via electrodes. By targeting different parts of the brain with electricity you can change the way that part of the brain responds, temporarily. There have been hundreds of different studies conducted at universities around the world with some amazing results. Studies often use novel electrode placements or different electrical current profiles such as alternating current or random noise current. is designed to give you access to these options in a safe easy to use device.



transcranial direct stimulation

The current starts at zero and slowly increases to the target milliamp level. A good tdcs device will then constantly sample the resistance between the electrodes and raise or lower the voltage to maintain the desired current level. Typically tDCS sessions will last between 10 and 40 minutes at a current of 1.5mA and generally no more than 2.0mA.


transcranial alternating current stimulation

With tACS the electric current takes the form of a wave. This wave can be set between any two values, from -2.0mA to +2.0mA and with frequencies between 0.1Hz and 300Hz. tACS is an increasingly popular neuro-modulation technique and is only found in professional equipment, like the v2.


transcranial random noise stimulation

Random Noise is similar to tACS in that a maximum and minimum current are set, together with a frequency. The difference is that the current signal does not look like a wave, but will randomly oscillate around the value to produce an approximation at the wave average. Generating this signal requires expensive electrical components not found in DIY stimulators.



  • configurable tDCS mode

    Set any current between 0.1 and 2.0mA and durations from 1 to 40 mins.

  • configurable tACS mode

    Set current from -2 to +2, frequencies from 0.1 to 300Hz and durations from 1 to 40 mins.

  • configurable tRNS mode

    Set current from 0 to 2mA, frequencies from 0.1 to 300Hz and durations form 1 to 40 mins.

  • Connect different electrode headsets

    Pick different headsets to place electrodes over different parts of the brain, thereby stimulating different areas.

  • Stay in control

    An easy to understand menu with an easy to read screen means you will always know how much current and how much time remains.

  • Discrete and portable

    The v2 fits in a purse or a pocket and has a battery that can last multiple sessions spread over several days.

  • Future-proof

    The v2 comes with a recharging dock and software for updating the firmware. Buying Developer Edition ensures you will always have access to the latest programs and profiles.

  • Safety built in

    Neuromodulation has a physiological effect and so the v2 has been tested to European Medical CE standard 60601:2. This does not mean it is a medical device though and should be used for lifestyle enhancements only.

  • Professional standard, consumer friendly v2 is powered by a 32bit ARM processor and includes Bluetooth low energy. It is made from only the highest quality components from suppliers including Texas Instruments, ST, Panasonic and others.



Unleash Your Inner Gamer v2 & gamer



All New Gamer Headset

Connect a v2 with a gamer headset to increase your working memory and focus.

the 2015 gamer headset

Over 100 improvements over original gamer, including bigger, better, lower resistance nickel electrodes adjustable for length and rotation, memory titanium band, soft silicon cups and improved sponges.


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Is FDA approved?

No. The gamer headset offers no medical benefits, is not a medical device, and is not regulated by the FDA.

Is the headset safe?

The headset has been tested to all required regulatory standards including CE Safety standard EN60601-2-10: 2001 and EN60601-1: 2006.

Do you ship to X? has a warehouse in Redwood City, CA for US and Canadian orders, and a London UK office for UK, Europe and (most) rest of world. We do not ship to Russia and several other countries and unfortunately can no longer ship to APO addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will my headset ship?

We ship Monday to Friday via FedEx. If your order arrives before the collection it ships same day, otherwise next working day.

What does the headset do?

The headset passes a small electric current (<2.05mA) through the prefrontal cortex of the wearer.

Return and cancellation policy?

You can cancel before shipping for full refund. You can return within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Product is covered by a 13 month warranty and any faulty units will be replaced.



Will X platform be supported?

iOS and Android apps are live. OS X and Chrome apps are in development.

Who should not use

The headset is not a toy, is not recommended for under 18s, epilepsy sufferers or people with implants. It should not be used in the treatment of any medical conditions.

Can I control without iOS device?

You can start and stop, change mode and change current level. You cannot change the duration and the control is not as granular e.g. manually current can be set to 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0mA, with app anything from 0.8 to 2.0 in 0.1 increments.





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