• focus Go Flow Pro

    foc.us Go Flow Pro

    $99 Price, Limitless Value. Order today, now shipping.
    $99 Price, Limitless Value. Order today, now shipping.
  • the foc.us v2 stimulator

    foc.us v2 stimulator

    The Worlds Most Advanced Electrical Brain Stimulator.
    tDCS, tACS, tPCS and tRNS - all included.
    CE certified safe - featuring triple current regulation, voltage control and misuse timers.
    foc.us v2 is an investment in your future.
    the worlds most advanced neuro stimulator
foc.us gamer headset - get changed
foc.us moovs wearable tdcs tech
foc.us v2 transcranial electrical stimulator
all new foc.us gamer headset
focus edge headset for athletes
foc.us for research

foc.us for research

foc.us is a fully featured transcranial stimulator capable of generating complex stimulation waveforms including tDCS, tACS, tRNS and tPCS.

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Lucid Dreaming with focus

Lucid Dreaming with focus

Use tACS during REM sleep to gently nudge you into lucid dreaming.

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Faster graphics, faster processor, faster brain

Increased Plasticity

Increase your brains plasticicty

Game On

Get your game on, be the best

What can the foc.us v2 do?


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