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  • focus EEG Dev Kit Inc. tDCS, tACS, WiFi, 8GB & fNIRS
    Focus EEG Dev Kit includes: 1) Pro grade 8-channel 24-bit eeg analogue front end 2) Wi-FI, IoT, MQTT, Raw data, more 3) Electrical stimulation: tDCS, tACS, tRNS, more 4) functional neuro-imaging with optional fNIRS sensor

    Starting at: $299.00

  • Foc.us V2 Stimulator
    tACS, tRNS, tPCS and of course tDCS. takecharge
  • focus transcranial Brain Stimulation Cap
    focus Brain Stimulation Cap. Available Now.
  • Go Flow Sports
    Go Flow Sports edition. Includes:
    • Go Flow tDCS Stimulator
    • Cap & Armband
    • Amx-y electrodes, sponges & bottle
    • x/y magnetic cable
    • 9v Battery Included
  • FOCUS Go Flow tDCS Brain Stimulator
    Brain stimulation for everyone from foc.us. In stock. takecharge

    Starting at: $99.00

  • focus cable pack
    Four different cables to connect foc.us v2 or Go Flow to hydrogel pads or Amx-y electrodes 1. Short single anode, single cathode 2. Long single anode, single cathode 3. Short dual anode, dual cathode 4. Long dual anode, dual cathode Stock due 2 weeks.
  • tDCS Electrodes
    Hydrogel Electrodes for tDCS. Each pack includes 7 pairs.

    Starting at: $19.00

  • foc.us lucid dreams sleep mask
    Keep your wires tidy and your v2 close with the soft-padded sleep mask from foc.us
  • tdcs sponges

    Starting at: $3.50

  • Focus Replacement Spare Parts
    Various replacement parts for focus products. Price includes handling charge.

    Starting at: $0.10