V2 tDCS Developer Edition - SOLD OUT!

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The worlds best-selling tdcs.

Open standards based headset compatibility.
Connect to any compatible electrodes or Headset - look for the "made for foc.us" logo.

Second generation technology and design.
Cloud connected for data sharing.

Developer Edition almost SOLD OUT. Last chance....

NEW! -----download windows and OSX software to charge your v2!-----

Product Description

The foc.us v2 neuro-stimulator.

the foc.us v2 stimulator - the most advanced device of its kind

The Most Advanced Transcranial Stimulator in the World

If you trying to find the perfect stimulation mode you need options. You need to be able to control the current, but also the voltage and the frequency. If you want to test eficacy you need a sham mode. If you want to track your results you need session logging and downloading. The foc.us v2 includes all of this and more. And with regular firmware updates it is evolving with the latest research.


focus stimulator is arm powered with a 32bit ARM processor

Controlled by a 32bit ARM microprocessor.

foc.us v2 uses advanced microelectronics to provide the best possible stimulation session. It can detect a change of impedence and alter the voltage in 50µ seconds. This gives both super-accurate and super-stable current levels. Only the most accurate components are included from manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, ST, Seiko and Panasonic. The foc.us v2 has been engineered to guarantee you are getting the exact stimulation program you set.


focus stimulator is discrete and portable

foc.us v2 is portable, discrete and ready when you want to be

Carry your foc.us v2 with total discretion. Small enough to travel in your jeans key pocket or purse. So small you can take it everywhere you go. Have foc.us ready whenever you need it.


foc.us v2 dock - charging, controlling

Charge and sync with the included foc.us dock

The all new charging dock also provides data connection* between the foc.us v2 and the foc.us cloud platform. Your sessions will be automatically backed up to the cloud, either anonymously or to your foc.us account. *an internet connection and host pc is required.


foc.us is committed to open standards

Open Standards, Open API, Opensourced code

tDCS can potentially be used for purposes outside of gaming and sports depending on the placement of the electrodes and the settings used. To provide the greatest flexibility we have designed foc.us around open electrode standards. Look for the "made for foc.us" logo. Our wireless connection api is also fully open. foc.us also provide the source code for android apps under an open source MIT license.


Second generation neuro stimulators from foc.us

Second Generation Design : Hundreds of improvements included

Over 300 discrete changes and improvements have been made since the original foc.us gamer was produced. With feedback from the community of customers a device designed for a wide variety of needs.


Timer / 3 axis accelerometer / pedometer

The foc.us v2 includes extra features to enhance your stimulation protocols. There is a timed for delayed start. There is also an accelerometer which can be used to enable activity based control.

foc.us neuro-training