• Brain Tech from Focus

    Brain Tech from Focus

    Brain Technology from Focus

    Brain stimulation with tDCS, tACS and tRNS.
    Brain activity monitoring with EEG.
    Understand and improve your brain with foc.us
    Brain stimulation with tDCS, tACS and tRNS.
    Brain activity monitoring with EEG.
    Understand and improve your brain with foc.us
  • Emotion Control Tech.

    Emotion Control Tech.

    EEG can be used to measure your emotional state.

What people say about focus:

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a fan of foc.us. The small London based DIY company has been on a serious innovation binge since they entered the market with the foc.us V1 - which was by far the most versatile tDCS* device in its time. Later foc.us released the V2 which is still one of the most capable brain stimulation devices on the market (not just tDCS.) Late last year, foc.us introduced the Go Flow - a simple, very portable, tDCS device for a very low price. It has evolved into a complete kit that the company is calling the Go Flow Pro - it includes all you need to have a very capable tDCS device that is simple to operate - and only $99 complete. Dr Brent Williams

The Foc.us device, which was released in the summer of 2013, was arguably the first true direct-to-consumer tDCS device. With its sleek, ready-to-wear headset design, it looked more like Google Glass than a cobbled-together DIY device. Anna Wexler

tDCS : there's a focus app for that!

Now available on iPhone and iPad too

Control your foc.us V3, V2 or EEG Dev Kit with the new app. 
Create new stimulation programs and tweak any session parameter. 

tDCS : Add Power

tDCS applies a small steady current to your brain.
If you've never tried brain stimulation, start with tDCS.

tDCS inside every focus stimulator

tACS : Dynamic Power

tACS is dynamic power with a fixed frequency.
You can stimulate alpha, beta, delta waves.
Frequnency adds an extra variable, so requires more tuning to get results.

tACS Stimulation

tRCS : Tuned Power

tRCS modulates both the power and the frequency.
Rippled stimulation tunes the frequency stimulation automatically.
If you're ready to go beyond tDCS, try tRCS.

tRCS with focus V3

D.I.Y. tDCS Stimulator

D.I.Y. tDCS Stimulator

Focus entry level tDCS stimulator. Delivers an exact current for a selected duration. Featuring session comfort control, dual current safety circuits and ramping. If you have never tried tDCS this is the device to get.

focus go flow brain stimulator

Electrical Brain Stimulation

Electrical Brain Stimulation

tDCS was the start. Now take it to the next level with advanced stimulation modes. tRCS - Rippled Current Stimulation - only from focus.

focus v3

Neuscience: EEG, tES & fNIRS

Neuscience: EEG, tES & fNIRS

Multi-focal brain measurements with both EEG and functional neuro-imaging. Measure, Stimulate, Measure, Simulate. Foc.us EEG Dev Kit is a miniature Brain Research Laboratory.

foc.us EEG Dev Kit

foc.us tDCS

Need Some Extra Power?

take charge

Using tDCS

tDCS is really easy to use by yourself. Once you have positioned the electrodes and started the stimulation you simply wait for the session to automatically finish. If it feels uncomfortable you can change the current level to a lower level.

Anodal Stimulation

Anodal stimulation is believed to excite a brain region. The electrical current flow increases the action potential making brain cells more likely to fire.

X is the default anode electrode.

Cathodal Stimulation

Cathodal stimulation is the opposite of anodal and so inhibits a brain area. The reversed electrical flow decreases the charge making neuronal activity less likely.

Y is the default cathode electrode.

tDCS Research

tDCS is consider experimental. The exact mechanisms are not fully understood and research is ongoing. tDCS is not FDA approved and foc.us do not recommend foc.us products for the treatment of any medical condition.

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Learn about closed-loop stimulation with the foc.us EEG+ Developer Kit

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