About Us

focus was created by a team of engineers and PhDs with a shared interest in neuroscience.

Our purpose is to make cutting edge technology available to everyone. We read the latest brain research and build what excites us, hoping that it will excite you too.

foc.us started when Mike Oxley read an article in New Scientist by Sally Adee about tDCS and knew he had to try it. Everyone said he was nuts, but many offered the caveat “but let me try it when you build it”.
9 months later the original foc.us Gamer headset was born.

Neuroscience research keeps progressing, so focus keeps making new products. The V series feature all popular stimulation modes (tDcs, tACS, tPCS, tRNS) and the V3 includes an all-new Rippled Current mode. Go Flow is an easy-to-use tDCS only stimulator.

EEG provides the ability to measure the effects of stimulation on the brain so the decision to develop EEG was as easy as the task was difficult. Developing the EEG Dev Kit was a monster project for us. But now you can get an easy to use laboratory grade electroencephalogram for a fraction of the cost of the commercial equivalent device. We added fNIRS so you can add functional imagery to your game.

When you buy from foc.us you are contributing to the research, development and manufacturing cost of commercializing cool new brain technologies.
Thank you!


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