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September 2016

Foc.us Launches tDCS Performance Enhancement for Pro and Amateur Athletes

By Mike September 22, 2016 No comments

Foc.us, the market leader in consumer transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technologies, launches its newest device, the Go Flow Sports edition, for pro and amateur athletes looking to increase their sporting ability with brain stimulation.

Recent coverage [1,2] of the use of tDCS by professional athletes at the Rio Olympics has prompted an unprecedented growth in demand from professional and amateur athletes alike.

The Go Flow makes this exciting technology accessible to everyone and not just pro-athletes.

The Go Flow Sports edition is a versatile neural stimulator which can target several aspects of sporting prowess. Two separate settings based on independent scientific research allow anyone to target either rapid sporting skill acquisition or increase strength and endurance during training and competition.

tDCS Placements 10/20 Guide

By Mike September 1, 2016 No comments

Here is the 10/20 electrode placements shown in 2d

Check out this model head showing the 10/20 system locations in 3d. (click to try it)

tDCS Electrode Placements 10/20