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February 18th Stock Update

By Mike February 18, 2018 No comments

Go Flow Sports : Out of Stock

Go Flow 1020 : In Stock

V2 : Back-order

V3 : Pre-order

EEG Only : In Stock

EEG+ : In Stock

CES, V3 and More - 19th January Update

By Mike January 19, 2018 No comments

V3, tRCS and the EEG Dev Kit. Read on for details.

EEG Dev Kit Update December 28th

By Mike December 28, 2017 1 comment

tl:dr; EEG Dev Kit production completed. Electrodes almost finished. Orders shipping soon.

EEG Dev Kit October 3rd Update

By Mike October 3, 2017 No comments

First batch EEG have been shipped!

For tutorials and control use foc.us/me

If you need help with initial setup please schedule a call here

Don't miss the chance to be part of 2nd batch family here.

EEG Dev Kit September 5th Update

By Mike Oxley September 5, 2017 No comments

tldr; EEG Dev Kit orders will ship this week.

People say "hardware is hard" and they are right. But software is much, much harder.

When we made our March estimate for EEG Dev Kit shipments, we were confident we would hit it or not slip by much. We had completed design for manufacturing (DfM) and t1 parts off moulded tools. We had schematics and PCBs. We had a working prototype that did the basics. It was our fourth product and the team had the scars from the first three.

But we didn't have the software finished. And we understimated how hard completing that task would be.

Probably we added too many features.

Did we really need WiFi AND bluetooth 5? Could we have lived without fNIRS? Will anyone really combine 5 devices to use 40 channels?

Maybe, but then it wouldn't be as good a device. And at foc.us we try to make the best possible devices.

So I'm sorry for the delay but I'm pleased to say that it is ready and will ship in the next few days.

As previously posted we have cut some functionality to get the product shipped. Your device will automatically update about once a fortnight as we release the missing features.

EXG, tES, Mic, IPU, 16k, fNIRS, 40x,- not ready.

Firmware 0.5.0 ready. Bootloader 1.0.0 ready. BLE 0.1.0 ready.Fuel Guage 0.1.0 ready. WiFi 1.0.0 ready. qFlash 1.0.0 ready. FFT 1.0.0 ready. eeg-ai 0.1.0 ready.

Bran Stimulation

By Mike July 28, 2017 No comments

Focus Turns 4!

By Mike July 27, 2017 No comments

It's our birthday!

Doesn't time fly by? A lot has happened in four years...

Focus EEG Dev Kit Update 6th July

By Mike July 6, 2017 No comments

Headline: EEG Dev Kit Nearly Ready

Sub-headline: EEG D.K. Will ship in July


Boot-loader issues are finally behind us. Firmware is being finished now. Some small cuts to get this out the door are likely. Update process is working smoothly so cut functionality will be rolled out remotely in due course. Its a monster of a device with so many sensors, settings and features.

Next, we are thrilled to tell you about a new suite of EEG software to help you get the most from your EEG hardware.

Focus have created a data processing platform that lets you manipulate the raw brain data into something more meaningful. You can apply filters, Fast-Fourier Transforms (FFT's) and visualize alpha, beta and delta bands. We call it focus EEG.ai

The name is a little previous, but the techniques we are developing to determine sleep stages, emotional response and focus use machine learning. So it's not ai yet, but it will be soon.

As a token of apology, all Early Bird 1st Batch customers will receive 6 months free access to foc.us EEG.ai.

The second batch of Dev Kits are selling fast at only $999 $899 so don't miss out if you're on the fence.

Focus Dry Active EEG Electrodes Ready

By Mike May 29, 2017 No comments

Here's a quick look at the final stages of the focus EEG Dry Active Electrode production.

We clean the pad area of the active PCB inside the electrode.

Then we attach the conductive silicone to the electrode.

Finished! Ready to box and ship.

Focus EEG Dev Kit Ready

By Mike May 29, 2017 No comments

Here is a look at the foc.us EEG Dev Kit production process.

First, we X-ray the EEG main PCB.

The X-ray let's us check the micro-via's and PCB layers. The dot array shown is one of seven BGA components. The pitch from dot to dot is 0.65mm.

Solder is applied to the PCBs using a stencil.

The components are then loaded onto the PCBA pick and place machine.

The pick and place machine is essential when using 0201 components that are just 0.125mm wide.

A close-up of the PCB inside the pick and place machine. The white "X" pcb's are NG (No Good) and failed probe testing. The machine is set to ignore NG PCBs.

Once all of the components are placed onto each of the PCBs on the panel the PCB moves into the oven, and we wait. Patiently.

Until the cooking is finished and they appear, oven fresh!

Then its back in the X-ray machine to check component alignments.

Each panel is then broken up into individual PCBs. Each PCB is then flashed and tested. We have no photographs of these stages because they were performed by the photographer.

The main PCB is then inserted in the plastic case and connected to the sockets PCB ready for final testing.

Final testing ensures that the device is functional and ready to ship. We have fully tested each and every EEG and they are now ready to ship. Monday and Tuesday is a holiday in China so they will ship to London on Wednesday.

DHL tracking numbers will be created on Friday and all EEG orders will be shipped as fast as we can physically manage.