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No New Orders. tldr; dont use PayPal

By Site Owner August 15, 2017 No comments

foc.us (Transcranial Ltd) is a small business. We're a startup. We make mistakes. Here is our latest....

We are late filing our annual accounts with Companies House. This is a mandatory requirement in the UK. Every year, file your annual accounts. Has a new name now but we're old skool.

Anyway, we are late filing ours. So Companies House has posted a motion to strike. As they should.

But PayPal?

PayPal have suspended our account. No in, no out

Since we use PayPal exclusively for our webstore, we can't accept new orders. Nice, eh?

So I'm sorry if you want to place an order, you can't right now. We will find a new payment gateway as quickly as we can. Please come back in a couple of days.