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tDCS News - Increased Exercise & Multitasking

By Mike November 10, 2016 No comments

Two tDCS studies in the news recently. The first concerned exercising ability after electrical stimulation and the other the US militaries use of tDCS for multi-tasking.

Researchers at the University of Kent found that tDCS delayed exhaustion of the legs by an average 15% during exercise. They think that this was probably caused by the participants feeling less effort during exercise.

Impressive. The link to the study is here. You can try this yourself using the focus Go Flow Sports.

The military study looked at the benefit of tDCS for multitasking. They used 2mA anodal stimulation above the left eye and found that multitasking capability was indeed enhanced (link). Go Flow Sports can also be used for this montage using the front yellow hole and the X wire.

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