focus EEG Manufacturing Update

The first production run for EEG Dev Kit is now entering the third week. At times it has felt like a Sisyphean feat but Monday always brings new optimism and it feels like we are nearly finished. The active electrodes are custom cables with a 3.5mm 4 pin audio socket. Each cable is soldered to two active electrode PCBs. Pin 1 is the shorter length, Pin 2 is the longer and pins 3 and 4 are 5v power lines. This process is repeated by everyone on the small production line. There are two PCBs inside the EEG Dev Kit. The main PCB as shown in a previous blog post and the "sockets" pcb shown above. The sockets PCB is relatively simple to assemble and test, so we let a Monkey do it. The original estimated ship date was March. Obviously we failed to hit this date for a bunch of reasons, some good (extra functionality), some bad(under-estimating testing time). We are thinking about what gift we can give to make up for these delays. Further updates to follow.
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