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  • Focus EEG Dev Kit Update 6th July

    Headline: EEG Dev Kit Nearly Ready

    Sub-headline: EEG D.K. Will ship in July


    Boot-loader issues are finally behind us. Firmware is being finished now. Some small cuts to get this out the door are likely. Update process is working smoothly so cut functionality will be rolled out remotely in due course. Its a monster of a device with so many sensors, settings and features.

    Next, we are thrilled to tell you about a new suite of EEG software to help you get the most from your EEG hardware.

    Focus have created a data processing platform that lets you manipulate the raw brain data into something more meaningful. You can apply filters, Fast-Fourier Transforms (FFT's) and visualize alpha, beta and delta bands. We call it focus

    The name is a little previous, but the techniques we are developing to determine sleep stages, emotional response and focus use machine learning. So it's not ai yet, but it will be soon.

    As a token of apology, all Early Bird 1st Batch customers will receive 6 months free access to

    The second batch of Dev Kits are selling fast at only $999 $899 so don't miss out if you're on the fence.

  • EEG Update - 16th June

    Hardware < Firmware < Software

    Anyone who has updated the firmware on their v2 will probably agree that it was not a fun process. Part of the problem is that bluetooth low energy has very small data transfer rates and a 300k firmware means a lot of 251byte packets. Drop any one and the process is dead.

    So we wanted to make sure firmware updating for EEG DK was butter smooth and simple. It should be over-the-air and pain-free.

    Frustratingly it is not yet and that is the cause of the delay. The devices are all sat here waiting to ship, but we don't want to give you something that is hard to update.

    I am very sorry for the continued delay but it won't be much longer now. As soon as they can update themselves they will be shipped. We will also share some good news about some free stuff we will offer.

  • Focus Dry Active EEG Electrodes Ready

    Here's a quick look at the final stages of the focus EEG Dry Active Electrode production.

    We clean the pad area of the active PCB inside the electrode.

    Then we attach the conductive silicone to the electrode.

    Finished! Ready to box and ship.

  • Focus EEG Dev Kit Ready

    Here is a look at the EEG Dev Kit production process.

    First, we X-ray the EEG main PCB.

    The X-ray let's us check the micro-via's and PCB layers. The dot array shown is one of seven BGA components. The pitch from dot to dot is 0.65mm.

    Solder is applied to the PCBs using a stencil.

    The components are then loaded onto the PCBA pick and place machine.

    The pick and place machine is essential when using 0201 components that are just 0.125mm wide.

    A close-up of the PCB inside the pick and place machine. The white "X" pcb's are NG (No Good) and failed probe testing. The machine is set to ignore NG PCBs.

    Once all of the components are placed onto each of the PCBs on the panel the PCB moves into the oven, and we wait. Patiently.

    Until the cooking is finished and they appear, oven fresh!

    Then its back in the X-ray machine to check component alignments.

    Each panel is then broken up into individual PCBs. Each PCB is then flashed and tested. We have no photographs of these stages because they were performed by the photographer.

    The main PCB is then inserted in the plastic case and connected to the sockets PCB ready for final testing.

    Final testing ensures that the device is functional and ready to ship. We have fully tested each and every EEG and they are now ready to ship. Monday and Tuesday is a holiday in China so they will ship to London on Wednesday.

    DHL tracking numbers will be created on Friday and all EEG orders will be shipped as fast as we can physically manage.

  • focus EEG Manufacturing Update

    The first production run for EEG Dev Kit is now entering the third week. At times it has felt like a Sisyphean feat but Monday always brings new optimism and it feels like we are nearly finished.

    The active electrodes are custom cables with a 3.5mm 4 pin audio socket.

    Each cable is soldered to two active electrode PCBs. Pin 1 is the shorter length, Pin 2 is the longer and pins 3 and 4 are 5v power lines.

    This process is repeated by everyone on the small production line.

    There are two PCBs inside the EEG Dev Kit. The main PCB as shown in a previous blog post and the "sockets" pcb shown above. The sockets PCB is relatively simple to assemble and test, so we let a Monkey do it.

    The original estimated ship date was March. Obviously we failed to hit this date for a bunch of reasons, some good (extra functionality), some bad(under-estimating testing time).

    We are thinking about what gift we can give to make up for these delays.

    Further updates to follow.

  • 40 Channel EEG is Possible with EEG Dev Kit

    Each focus EEG Dev Kit has up to 8 EEG channels, but did you know you can combine multiple devices for higher channel counts?

    By connecting devices with our daisy-chain connectors, the clocks are synced and a reference electrode sshared. With two devices that's 16 channels. With five that's 40!

    Pictured are first samples of the dry active EEG electrodes. These are fresh off the mould today. Whilst we check the PCB fit the finish will be improved during "tool trials".

  • Adding fNIRS support to EEG Dev Kit

    It's no secret that we love developing stuff here at focus. We started 2016 with Go Flow and ended 2016 with EEG Dev Kit.

    But there was a third "middle-child" product too.

    Tentatively named "BrainCAM" it was a wireless fNIRS device.

    Around October we had to pay for our CES booth and decide which product to take. In the end we decided to take EEG as Plan A, and Go Flow Sports as Plan B. This meant BrainCAM was put on ice.

    Eugene & Mike at CES 2017 with Plan B and Plan A on display.

    CES is a great opportunity to meet potential customers and learn about requirements. It's also a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas and possibilities.

    So over the lunchtime lulls and evening beers we figured out a possible way to shoehorn the fNIRS functionality into the EEG Dev Kit. We waited to announce this addition as it needed a little more thorough investigation to confirm feasibility.

    The team did an incredible job pulling the various BrainCAM pieces apart and find a way to make them work with the EEG kit. EEG fNIRS Sensor showing top and bottom sides.

    This sensor has a single dual-wavelength emitter and two receivers. The picture doesn't show just how small it is, but its only around two inches in length!

    With this sensor it is possible to measure EEG and fNIRS whilst simultaneously electrically stimulating you brain.

    The fNIRS functionality is built into EEG Dev Kit and the sensor should start shipping in April.

    Available here.

  • 12th January 2017 - Stock & Shipping Update

    There is a slight CES hangover at towers. An inbound stock delivery is AWOL and that has affected outbound shipments from around 1st January. We are working to address the issues and hope to have order restored from Monday 16th January.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  • focus EEG : Cats or Dogs?

  • Launches tDCS Performance Enhancement for Pro and Amateur Athletes, the market leader in consumer transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technologies, launches its newest device, the Go Flow Sports edition, for pro and amateur athletes looking to increase their sporting ability with brain stimulation.

    Recent coverage [1,2] of the use of tDCS by professional athletes at the Rio Olympics has prompted an unprecedented growth in demand from professional and amateur athletes alike.

    The Go Flow makes this exciting technology accessible to everyone and not just pro-athletes.

    Continue reading

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