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  • EEG Dev Kit Offer Extended Until At Least Saturday 7th July

    England won only their second cup penalty shoot-out at the 8th attempt!

    That means you can still get a focus EEG Dev Kit for ~25% off until the next game on Saturday 7th July.

    What an emotional night.

  • 2018 World Cup Special Offer

    To celebrate England reaching the knock-out stages of the 2018 World Cup we are offering 25% off the EEG Only Dev Kit.

    The EEG Dev Kit is an 8 channel low-noise 24 bit analog biopotential amplifier featuring WiFi and 8GB of onboard EDF+ storage. With dry active electrodes it's easy to setup and use and can be controlled from your phone or computer.

    Perfect for recording your emotional state as your team (or England) progress to the latter stages of the tournament.

    This offer only lasts until England are knocked out, so act soon or keep fingers crossed for England!

  • June 9th Update

    A quick update on the latest developments at focus towers:

    • is coming to iPhones and iPads pending app store approval.
    • fNIRS sensor update coming soon - see picture below for teaser
    • Remaining Go Flow and V2 stock almost gone - last chance for both

    Can you guess what it is?


  • Configure Your EEG Dev Kit using &

    In this two minute video learn how to configure the WiFi on your EEG Dev Kit  using


  • CES, V3 and More - 19th January Update

    It's been a busy few months at towers. Here is a quick update of what's happening.

    The successor to the massively popular V2, the V3 is now available to buy.

    We're very excited because it includes a new type of stimulation invented here at studios - tRCS - Rippled Current.

    What is rippled current? It's a dynamic-time frequncy designed to increase peak alpha brainwaves. Read more here.

    tRCS is only available from the focus V3 (coming soon to EEG Dev Kit) so order here to get your alpha vision.

    Talking of brainwaves, the EEG Only Dev Kit is now in stock for next day shipping. All 2nd batch EEG orders will ship by the end of January.

    Go Flow Sports orders will also ship shortly, small delay with inbound stock from China.

    Lastly, CES was great fun. Thanks to everyone who said hello. See you again next year!

  • EEG Dev Kit Update December 28th

    tl:dr; EEG Dev Kit production completed. Electrodes almost finished. Orders shipping soon.

    Manufacturing electronic products can be difficult.

    Making 10 is easy - they can be done by hand. Making 10k is easy, everything is on reels direct from the supplier.

    But making 100 or 300 or 1k is where the dragons be.

    Big manufacturers don't want small orders like this. Components are not sourced on reels so must be checked individually. Setup time and overhead fees are disproportionate. Everything is a PITA. This is what fights with.

    But today's story has a happy ending.

    Our new PCBA factory is much bigger than the two we have used before:

    They use the same pick and place machines:

    But the quality control is WAY better as they x-ray every PCB one by one.

    The EEG Dev Kit has nine BGA components so this step is crucial in identifying any possible problems.

    This has resulted in the best yields we've ever seen - 99%!

    The cost of EEG components is crazy high, so a yield of 1% (it's actually less than 1%, I rounded up) is fantastic news for us.

    Each Dev Kit includes three pcbs - main, sockets and electrodes. This is the sockets PCB exiting the oven.

    All that remains to complete is the new EEG+ electrodes. They are nearly done and will be very soon.

    We will be using this factory for all PCB work henceforth. If they can get 99% yield for EEG we expect 110% for Go Flow ;)

  • Our $50k Mistake - EEG DK2 Update Dec 7th

    First the good news - tDCS functionality is now available in and the 2nd production run of EEG Dev Kit resumes next week including a new EEG electrode design.

    The bad news (for us) is that our original EEG electrode design had a small design fault.

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  • 3rd November EEG Dev Kit Update

    Login to to try the above.

    Here is the full release note for 0.7.4

    - added: AFE full control via AWS IoT

    - added: tDCS

    - added: local settings file

    - added: feature to update bootloader

    - added: AWS IoT flag including MQTT LWT message to set to false

    - added: dk.mqtt.url attribute to AWS IoT

    - added: Wi-Fi security failure indication (3 red blinks)

    - added: switching OFF the 5V power supply when AFE is OFF

    - modified: triple click timeout changed 1000 ms -> 500 ms

    - modified: watchdog timer improved

    - fixed: get_latest.txt URL was fixed (hardcoded)

    - fixed: WiFi flashing (via jig) is not possible if WiFi file system was damaged

    - fixed: RGB LED driver may output not exact color

    - fixed: sometimes hangs at switching OFF

    - fixed: sporadic device hangs

    - fixed: battery reading (device doesn't read battery if the button is pressed)

    - fixed: risk of missing AWS IoT delta messages


    - fixed: device can hung in bootloader in rare cases during updating BLE firmware

  • EEG Dev Kit October 3rd Update

    First batch EEG have been shipped!

    For tutorials and control use

    If you need help with initial setup please schedule a call here

    Don't miss the chance to be part of 2nd batch family here.

  • EEG Dev Kit September 5th Update

    tldr; EEG Dev Kit orders will ship this week.

    People say "hardware is hard" and they are right. But software is much, much harder.

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