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  • June 9th Update

    A quick update on the latest developments at focus towers:

    • foc.us/me is coming to iPhones and iPads pending app store approval.
    • fNIRS sensor update coming soon – see picture below for teaser
    • Remaining Go Flow and V2 stock almost gone – last chance for both

    Can you guess what it is?


  • Focus Turns 4!

    On this day four years ago we shipped the first commercial tDCS brain stimulator – the foc.us Gamer.

    Three years ago we added every bell and whistle to bring you the foc.us v2.

    Last year we went back to basics with pure tDCS for the easy to use Go Flow stimulator.

    Next week we turn a new page. We will start shipping our most important product yet, the foc.us EEG Dev Kit.

    The addition of EEG functionality marks a step towards smart stimulation.

    What is smart stimulation?

    Smart stimulation is personalised, dynamic, and guided by feedback. Using data from EEG fed through machine learning algorithms,

    It will take some time to get smart stimulation but that is our goal.

    We would not have got here without your support. Your feedback, requests and orders drive us forward.

    Forward towards closed loop stimulation, AI enabled protocols; the future of brain stimulation.

    Thank you!

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