• The effects of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) at Individual Alpha Peak Frequency (iAPF) on motor cortex excitability of young and elderly adults

    Interesting new paper about tACS and peak alpha :



    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) was shown to modulate brain oscillation, cortical excitability and behaviour. This technique allows for the direct perturbation of brain oscillation such as the EEG alpha wave (8–12 Hz). In aging, there is correlation between the decrease in alpha activity and the profound cognitive and motor impairments. Studies suggest a state-dependent effect of tACS on alpha activity: upregulation of alpha oscillations only occurs in conditions of low alpha power (e.g. in the elderly).


    Remember, the foc.us v3 is the only brain stimulator that has rippled current designed to increase your peak alpha.

  • V3 in stock & back-orders shipped

    foc.us are pleased to confirm that all V3 backorders were shipped on Monday and that the V3 is now in stock for delivery.

    There were about 10 suppliers involved with this project and a couple were new to us. New supplier relationships can take a little time on both sides to establish some trust and understanding. So whilst the delays are always regretted they can be propitious.

    Our attention now returns to finishing the fNIRS sensor. We have made a few unannounced tweaks to the specification have that we are excited to share with you soon.

  • Focus Safety Video

    Please watch the following video to review tDCS contraindications.

  • CES, V3 and More - 19th January Update

    It's been a busy few months at foc.us towers. Here is a quick update of what's happening.

    The successor to the massively popular V2, the V3 is now available to buy.

    We're very excited because it includes a new type of stimulation invented here at foc.us studios - tRCS - Rippled Current.

    What is rippled current? It's a dynamic-time frequncy designed to increase peak alpha brainwaves. Read more here.

    tRCS is only available from the focus V3 (coming soon to EEG Dev Kit) so order here to get your alpha vision.

    Talking of brainwaves, the EEG Only Dev Kit is now in stock for next day shipping. All 2nd batch EEG orders will ship by the end of January.

    Go Flow Sports orders will also ship shortly, small delay with inbound stock from China.

    Lastly, CES was great fun. Thanks to everyone who said hello. See you again next year!

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