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  • tDCS Clinical Trials

    I've been noticing a growing number of announcements of clinical trials investigating the efficacy of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). Eventually, they were getting hard to ignore. So I got to wondering whether this was just me or whether there was genuinely an identifiable increase.

    A lot of the trials are announced on, so that’s the first place I looked. Here’s a graph of the number of trials that were announced each year since the inception of the site in February 2000.

    So it certainly does seem that there has been a huge increase in the number of clinical tDCS trials being undertaken. These are not all medical in nature. Many published trials involve investigation of the effects of tDCS on healthy participants.

    The vast majority of the clinical trials have not published results yet, but we at greatly welcome these. The scientific studies conducted in universities tend to have smaller sample sizes and, as we know, meta-analyses of these have had mixed outcome.

    Clinical trials tend to have larger samples sizes so they can throw valuable light on just how effective tDCS interventions are. We'll be following and reporting on the results as best we can.

  • Focus Safety Video

    Please watch the following video to review tDCS contraindications.

  • A clarification on focus placebo

    We have started work on next years nocebo stimulator.....

  • Introducing the placebo

    Introducing an all new brain stimulator - the placebo

    The new placebo

    At focus we are dedicated to making research grade hardware available to those who want to try brain stimulation. Most studies incorporate sham stimulation in their experiments, and now you can too!

    tDCS uses a mild electric current to change the cortical excitability of the brain. Placebo betters this by using the belief of a mild electric current to change the cortical excitability of the brain. It also has zero side effects so is the safest way to try tDCS. Guaranteed.

    Don’t accept inferior sham tDCS stimulators; if you want sham use focus placebo.

    The placebo can deliver up to 2mA of sham tDCS stimulation, anywhere, anytime.

    Placebo could literally make anything better.

    Features wireless electrodes. Simply place the electrodes under the included headband and rotate the knob. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, just give it time.

    • 100% guaranteed safe!
    • Batteries not required
    • No known side effects reported

    “Ive been using sham stimulation for over 3 years and I’ve never felt better. Or worse. Or anything”

    Available today for $99 plus shipping.

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