"link": "https://www.foc.us/eeg",
    "image": "https://www.foc.us/media/catalog/product/f/o/focus-eeg-rear-800x800.jpg",
    "name": "focus EEG Dev Kit Inc. tDCS, tACS, WiFi, BT5",
    "desc": "Focus EEG Dev Kit features:
  1. Pro grade 8-channel 24-bit eeg analogue front end
  2. Wi-FI, IoT, MQTT, Raw data, more
  3. Electrical stimulation: tDCS, tACS, tRNS, more
  4. functional neuro-imaging with optional fNIRS sensor
  5. Mic, 6 Axis Intertial Monitor, Haptic Feedback, BT5.0

Each Development Kit Includes:
  1. EEG Dev Kit Device
  2. 5 x Dual Active Dry Electrodes
  3. 1 x Reference + Bias Ear cClip (DRL)
  4. 1 x/y Magentic tES Cable + 1 pair Amx-y Electrodes
  5. 1 x Full Head Cap with Chin Strap
  6. Power Adapter
" }, { "link": "https://www.foc.us/eeg-ai", "image": "https://www.foc.us/media/catalog/product/f/o/focus-eeg-ai.png", "name": "Focus EEG.ai", "desc": "Foc.us EEG.AI is a cloud data processing platform that extracts meaningful information from raw EEG data.

Select the functionality you require, including filters, FFTs and indexed storage.

Combine these into powerful processing pipelines for sleep, attention or other biomarker detection." }, { "link": "https://www.foc.us/dry-active-eeg-electrodes", "image": "https://www.foc.us/media/catalog/product/d/r/dry-active-eeg-electrodes.jpg", "name": "Dry Active EEG Electrodes", "desc": "FOCUS Dry Active EEG Electrodes.

Conductive Soft Silicone Electrode with Embedded Unity Gain Amplifier

2 Active Electrodes Per Cable - 2 x EEG or 1 x EOG/EMG/EKG/ECG

5V Power Required, 3.5mm Jack. Low Internal Noise." } ]
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