EDF+ & BDF+ Recordings

In “file” mode device saves data into internal flash memory in EDF+ or BDF+ format (can be configured in UI). As soon as session finished it starts file uploading to FOCUS servers for storage. File can be downloaded to your computer at “Recorded Sessions” page. Note, that free storage is available for 7 days only, after that time the file will be deleted automatically.

The European Data Format (EDF) is a simple and flexible format for exchange and storage of multichannel biological and physical signals. Complete specifications can be found at official website https://www.edfplus.info/. EEG Dev Kit fully supports the newest extension – European data format ‘plus’ (EDF+).

BDF+ format, developed by Biosemi, is a 24-bit version of the EDF+. Its specification can be found here: https://www.biosemi.com/faq/file_format.htm.

EEG Dev Kit is a 24-bit EEG system. It is recommended to use BDF+ format to get full advantages. When using EDF+ the input voltage range is limited to ±732uV, comparing to ±187mV for BDF+.

For your convenience it is possible to fill EDF+/BDF+ field “local patient identification” in UI:

  • Patient code;
  • Patient gender;
  • Patient birthdate;
  • Patient name.
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