Device Indicator LED Color Chart


Indicator color Number of blinks Device state
Blue solid Charging.
1 EEG session is ON.
Green solid Battery fully charged.
1 Device online.
2 Device online and uploading file.
Orange solid Wi-Fi provisioning. AP mode (
1 long Wi-Fi provisioning. WPS push button mode.
1 Waiting to connect to Wi-Fi.
2 Connected to Wi-Fi, waiting for IP address assignment.
3 IP address acquired.
4 Network quality test passed successfully.
Red 1 with button press Empty battery. Connect charger.
1 Bad network quality. Try to reboot or connect to another Wi-Fi.
2 Device offline. Try to reboot.
3 Wi-Fi security failure (possible wrong Wi-Fi password)
White fast flashing Firmware is being updated. Do not remove the power.
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