WiFi & configure.dk

After turning EEG Dev kit ON, it attempts to connect to known Wi-Fi network(s) using details from saved Wi-Fi profiles. If it cannot connect  in 30 seconds the device switches into Wi-Fi provisioning mode.

There are few methods to configure EEG Dev Kit to Wi-Fi access point (AP)/wireless router credentials:

  • Configuring Wi-Fi network credentials via configure.dk webpage;
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Push Button;
  • Using default Wi-Fi credentials.

Configuring via configure.dk webpage

  1. Turn ON EEG Dev Kit and wait 1 minute until the device switches into AP mode. You’ll see solid orange light.
  2. Using smartphone or computer connect to “EEG-DK-XXXX” Wi-Fi network (where XXXX is the last 4 symbols of your EEG Dev Kit serial number). Password is “password”.
  3. Open your browser to http://configure.dk. Please, note, it can be a little slow on Android.
  4. On this page, supply EEG Dev Kit with your own Wi-Fi network details: enter SSID, password and choose security type. Then click “Add”. You can save up to 6 Wi-Fi profiles if you want to use your device in a few places.
  5. Click “Connect”. Device will try to connect to Wi-Fi using details from saved profiles. Once connected you’ll see single green blinks.


Using WPS method

For this method your access point/wireless router must have a physical or virtual (in web UI) WPS button:

Follow these steps:

  1. Press WPS button on your router. The router is ready for new devices to join the network for 2 minutes (normally)
  2. Turn ON EEG Dev Kit and wait 30 sec until the device switches into WPS mode. You’ll see long single orange blinks.
  3. The device will automatically start the process of connecting to the network. Once connected you’ll see single green blinks.


Using default Wi-Fi Credentials

Instead of configuring EEG Dev Kit you can configure your access point/wireless router to Wi-Fi credentials, preprogrammed to device:

  1. Set network name (SSID) to “FOCUS”.
  2. Set password to “password”.
  3. Turn ON EEG Dev Kit. Once connected to network you’ll see single green blinks.

This method is not recommended.

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