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Focus V3, Featuring New Exclusive tRCS Mode.

Includes all V2 functions & features

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Included with V3

V3 also includes a pair of amx-y electrodes, a headband, x/y magentic cable, sponges, bottle and eva case.
Everything required for brain stimulation.

V3 includes which tES modes?

V3 includes tRCS, tRNS, tPCS, tACS and of course tDCS.
Future modes may be added via firmware update.

App Controlled Stimulation

V3 can be controlled via the Android app.

  • At Your Peak

    At Your Peak

    At Peak Performance

    Some days.
    Some days are harder than other days.
    For those days, stimulation by

    Our all new stimulation mode improves on tDCS and enhances tACS.
    Try tRCS on those days.

Rippled Current Stimulation

tRCS is a dynamic tACS. Ripples alter the stimulation frequency as a function of time.

Increase Peak Alpha

The dynamic frequencies entrain your brainwaves. The frequency shift then lifts the entrained brainwaves higher.

Alpha Vision

Targetting the occipital lobe for increased visual awareness. See more with focus V3.

ripple your mind

About tRCS

Alpha brain rhythms are associated with concentration and focus. Low alpha wave activity is present in a range of mental disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As we age, our peak alpha frequency and overall power also shifts down, making it harder for us to concentrate.

Conversely, higher alpha peak frequencies and greater alpha wave power is associated with better attention and focus. Experiments show that people with high natural alpha peak frequencies can better distinguish visual stimuli which occur closely together – so if you’re a gamer, you are at your best when your brain is operating at high alpha frequencies.

transcranial rippled current stimulation

Additional Information

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